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A Personal Story.

from Scott Rohwer (Writer/Director)

A member of my family is a survivor of severe childhood trauma and neglect.


As an incredible tool of survival, parts of her self, or psyche, split off with each initial trauma. Each part, or alter, held trauma to be shelved away (dissociated) so that she could survive and cope as a child.


This is Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.


D.I.D. is the mind’s creative response to overwhelming trauma; a sane adaption to crazy, hurtful circumstances.  – David L. Calof

                              Psychologist and leading voice on D.I.D.

I grew up close to her fight to heal from incredible trauma and her journey learning how to transition from surviving to living.

A Short Film.

Emma has recently lost her job for something she can’t remember; a side effect of her dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder). Due to immense shame, Emma has kept her lifelong mental disorder a secret from everyone she knows – until today.

Emma doesn’t have enough money to pay for her son’s birthday cake. She goes to desperate lengths to find a way to pay for the cake all while keeping up appearances and masking the signs of her disorder – even if it means paying a visit to her abusive, manipulative mother, Barb.

Emma’s last-ditch efforts to hold on to the status quo are at the risk of losing her last pillar of support, her best friend Claire.

A Cause.

OUR MISSION IS: Destigmatize. Spread hope.

To tell a story which exposes the damaging stigma against those living with D.I.D. – survivors of immense trauma – by showing what it feels like to live with D.I.D.


To culturally bring a human face to those survivors who have been demonized, sensationalized, and exploited in media.


To give a message of hope to those living with D.I.D., survivors of abuse, and those living with other mental health issues.

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